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gigi endorsements
I am proud to represent the leading manufacturers of quality
drum, percussion and audio equipment in the industry.

dw drums

Hardware & Pedals

"The Drummers Choice

"dw drums enhance my powerful outburst sound while dw pedals facilitate my intricate, tribal and vanguard salsa style".

{rokbox title=|dw drums| size=|900 700| text=|Manufacturers Link|}{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|dw drums| size=|900 700| thumb=|images/stories/gigi/dw_Blklogo.jpg|}{/rokbox}


Cymbals & Hardware

"Transforming artist concepts into cymbals...

SABIAN cymbals have traditional tone with modern projection. rich, warm, clean, bright, explosive, and raw ... It's an art.

{rokbox title=|Sabian| size=|900 700| text=|Manufacturers Link|}{/rokbox}
{rokbox title=|Sabian| size=|900 700| thumb=|images/stories/gigi/sabian_logo.gif|}{/rokbox}


gigi regal tip

Drumsticks & Brushes

"Play with the best!

REGAL TIP nylon tip drumsticks and brushes that last longer and offer richer, cutting edge sound.

{rokbox title=|Regal Tip| size=|900 700| text=|Manufacturers Link|}{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Regal Tip| size=|900 700| thumb=|images/stories/gigi/regaltip_logo_sm.gif|}{/rokbox}

Rhythm Tech

Congas, Timbales & Percussion

"We're what's new"

Rhythm Tech percussion instruments accentuate my latin style.

{rokbox title=|Rhythm Tech| size=|900 700| text=|Manufacturers Link|}{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Rhythm Tech| size=|900 700| thumb=|images/stories/gigi/Rhythm_logo_sm.gif|}{/rokbox}

AUDIX Microphones


"Performance is everything"

AUDIX percussion microphones where performance is everything"

{rokbox title=|Audix|size=|900 700|text=|Manufacturers Link|}{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Audix|size=|900 700|thumb=|images/stories/gigi/audix_BKlogo.gif|}{/rokbox}